Natali represents numerous national and international insurance and reinsurance companies in direct insurance coverage and reinsurance disputes. Natali provides comprehensive coverage analysis of first-party and third-party coverage issues involving various policies, including commercial general liability, professional liability, disability insurance, and reinsurance. She advises on complex matters including the duty to defend, bad faith exposure, rescission, and recoupment of defense costs. Natali represents insurers in coverage disputes arising from property damage, bodily injury, sexual misconduct, bad faith, discrimination, and professional liability.  

Natali has represented insureds in direct defense matters arising out of personal injury, professional malpractice, and wrongful death. Natali successfully solo chaired 12 juror trials in Cook County with results of not liable and below authority. 

Before joining BatesCarey, Natali worked at two major insurers practicing direct liability defense and subrogation. Natali has also represented corporations outside of the insurance industry in general litigation matters, including breach of contract litigation.