Our firm’s experience encompasses a wide range of maritime issues and exposures in the following areas: marine insurance, including coverage disputes involving late notice under protection and indemnity policies, lost or damaged cargo, sunken vessels, and scuba and dive liability; the defense of Jones Act and general maritime personal injury claims; cargo disputes; products liability; and policy drafting. Our clients have included marine insurers, managing general underwriters, vessel owners and operators, and freight forwarders.

Our experience and resources allow us to implement proactive and efficient claim resolution strategies resulting in outstanding results for our clients. Based on our representation of foreign insurers in international disputes, we have developed a deep and specialized understanding of the impact of broad jurisdictional grants under international conventions on the choice of forum and the interplay between such broad jurisdictional grants and local interests.

Our firm publishes regularly on emerging admiralty and maritime issues. Examples of our articles include:


"Marine Insurance Policy Does Not Insure Losses During the COVID-19 Pandemic,"
BatesCarey LLP News (February 3, 2023)


"Forum State Public Policy to be Considered in Maritime Choice of Law Dispute"
BatesCarey LLP News (September 12, 2022)


"No Coverage for Engine Failure under All-Risk Marine Policy,"
BatesCarey LLP News (June 22, 2022)


"U.S. Ninth Circuit Reverses Cases Enforcing Maritime Statute's Time Bar," BatesCarey LLP News (May 23, 2022)


"Court Enforces International Arbitration Provision in Marine Insurance Policy," BatesCarey LLP News (April 7, 2022)


"Court Enforces Primary-Residence Exclusion in Boat and Personal Watercraft Policy," BatesCarey LLP News (February 2, 2022)


"Counterclaim in Admiralty Case Does Not Create Right to Jury Trial," BatesCarey LLP News (December 22, 2021)


"Fifth Circuit Overturns Precedent Deeming Maritime Statute’s Time Bar Jurisdictional," BatesCarey LLP News (December 10, 2021)


“Court Enforces Exclusions to Marine Liability Policy,” BatesCarey LLP News, as appearing in Insurance Marine News (December 19, 2019)


“On The Sea, But Not A Seaman,” BatesCarey LLP News, as appearing in Insurance Marine News (February 25, 2019)


"Not Your Typical Hair Loss: No Coverage for Theft of Hair Weaves," The Maritime Advocate (August 23, 2018)


"Disputed Facts Preclude Summary Judgment on The Oregon Rule," The Maritime Advocate (March 6, 2018)


"Federal Court Enforces Arbitration Clause in Maritime Insurance Policy, Rejecting Reverse Preemption Claim," Kluwer Arbitration Blog (February 8, 2018)


"No Cover under Liner Negligence Clause Where Vessel's Sinking Caused by Lack of Due Diligence," The Maritime Advocate (January 22, 2018)


"Procuring a Policy of Insurance," The Maritime Advocate (November 29, 2017)


"No Coverage for Boating Accident Due to Breach of Operator Warranty," The Maritime Advocate (November 16, 2017) 


"Signal Case Turned Down," The Maritime Advocate (November 7, 2017)


"Direct Actions Against Insurers and U.S. Limitation of Liability," The Maritime Advocate (October 31, 2017)


The Insurance Implications of Navigation Limits,” SuperyachtNews (October 11, 2017)


"Federal Court Enforces Diveboat Limitation Exclusion in Scuba Diving Death Claim," The Maritime Advocate (October 4, 2017)


Understanding the Jones Act and Its Application to Injured Maritime Workers,” Marine Insight (September 11, 2017)


Federal Court Enforces Foreign Arbitral Award Resolving Jones Act Seaman’s Personal Injury Claim,” Kluwer Arbitration Blog (August 15, 2017)


“Tug’s H&M Insurer Must Reimburse P&I Club's Defense Payment in Bridge Allision,” The Maritime Advocate (August 3, 2017)


 “Federal Court Upholds P&I Club’s Coverage Determination as Valid, Binding ADR Decision,” Kluwer Arbitration Blog (July 31, 2017)


"Known Loss Doctrine Precludes Insurance for Hijacked Cargo Shipment," The Maritime Advocate (July 18, 2017) 


“Navigating Maritime Liens: Protections Afforded To The Vessel Owner,” Marine Insight (July 14, 2017)


“Court Finds Issues of Fact With Regard to Claim of Late Notice Under Bumbershoot Policy,” The Maritime Advocate (July 10, 2017) 


"Guam Federal Court Shows Deference to International Arbitration Agreement in P&I Club Rules," Tulane Maritime Law Journal (June 10, 2017) 


"The Duty of Procuring a Superyacht's Insurance Policy," SuperyachtNews (May 30, 2017)


“US Withdraws Plans To Tighten Jones Act Coastal Shipping Rules,” The Maritime Advocate (May 25, 2017)


"P&I Insurer’s Consent to U.S. Jurisdiction in Service of Suit Clause Does Not Override Contractual Right to Arbitrate," Kluwer Arbitration Blog (May 12, 2017)


“Cruise Lines Could Face Wrongful Death Damages Under New Legislation,” Marine Insight (May 9, 2017) 


"Examinations Under Oath Need Not Comply with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure," MLA Committee on Marine Insurance and General Average Newsletter (Spring 2017)


"U.S. Federal Courts' Broad Jurisdiction Under the New York Convention," Kluwer Arbitration Blog (April 5, 2017)