BatesCareyLLP attorneys have extensive experience in fidelity, surety, and crime coverage matters, and handle some of the most high-profile and complex claims in the U.S. and throughout the world. Our attorneys regularly investigate, analyze, and litigate claims involving fidelity bonds, financial institution bonds, mortgage bonds, title bonds, surety bonds, statutory bonds, performance bonds, and commercial crime policies. Our experience includes a wide range of claims involving allegations of employee dishonesty, forgery, altered documents, counterfeiting, embezzlement, on premises theft, robbery, and lending losses.

We handle all phases of these disputes from the first notice of claim to final resolution. We investigate each claim thoroughly, and seek to resolve coverage disputes through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution means where possible. Where such resolution is not possible, we have extensive experience litigating such cases nationwide and internationally. Our lawyers are versed in other coverages, allowing them to take a multidisciplinary approach to handling matters noticed under fidelity policies.  

Our experience also extends to the analysis of insurers’ rights of subrogation and recovery for fidelity matters. We are able to identify potential recovery avenues against third-parties while insurance claims are pending and take the necessary steps to preserve those rights. If a fidelity claim is paid, we have expertise in pursing insurers’ recovery rights through negotiation and litigation.

Our attorneys routinely counsel insurers concerning the changing landscape of fidelity, surety, and crime coverage, and we provide advice on policy drafting and product development. Our attorneys represent a wide array of clients concerning their fidelity, surety, and crime coverage risks.