Insurers in the United States, Bermuda, and around the world rely on BatesCarey LLP to resolve complex casualty claims.  Our experienced attorneys are creative thinkers who develop legal strategies to protect the integrity of our clients’ policies, often setting precedents with novel arguments that create favorable law in cases across the U.S.  We are results-oriented, and work closely with insurers to manage risks and minimize exposures through litigation, arbitration or mediation.

On a daily basis, our attorneys evaluate insurance coverage under primary, umbrella, and excess liability forms.  We analyze issues relating to the scope of the defense obligation, including targeted tenders, other insurance provisions, contribution and indemnification, and allocation of defense costs.  We also regularly address the application of policy terms, conditions, and exclusions in order to assist our clients in meeting their contractual obligations but minimizing their financial risk.  When appropriate, we coordinate with our clients’ insureds and their defense counsel to increase value and reinforce the relationship between the parties, while jointly pursuing the most favorable outcomes.

Casualty insurers look to us for advice on complex insurance coverage issues arising out of a wide-variety of claims, including: