BatesCarey LLP is an internationally recognized leader in the arbitration of high-exposure reinsurance and insurance disputes in the United States, Europe, and Bermuda.  BatesCarey attorneys have unparalleled experience with the arbitration process and a deep understanding of industry custom and practice, ranging from the selection of the arbitrators to the pursuit of a favorable decision from the arbitration panel.  As a result of their experience in arbitrating direct insurance and reinsurance disputes in the United States, Europe and Bermuda, BatesCarey attorneys bring a specialized international perspective to our practice. 

Our attorneys focus exclusively on protecting the interests of reinsurers and insurers, and we have achieved an unrivaled record of successful outcomes for our reinsurer and insurer clients.  Our experience in arbitration of coverage disputes spans multiple lines of insurance products, including reinsurance matters, facultative and treaty, as well as direct insurance lines, including commercial general liability, professional liability, and fidelity coverage. 

BatesCarey attorneys understand the arbitration community through both our arbitration experience and our active participation in arbitration workshops and conferences.  Our clients demand world-class arbitration teams that deliver successful results with an unwavering will to win.   Our attorneys are at the cutting edge of arbitrating reinsurance and insurance disputes.  While agile and creative in handling high-exposure matters, our attorneys have also handled matters in a wide range in terms of size, scope, and complexity.