We help insurers avoid litigation wherever possible.  We assist our clients in all aspects of managing risk and anticipating legal issues.  Our preparation often prevents disputes from ever arising and, if they do, better enables our clients to resolve issues prior to costly litigation.

We are often requested by our clients early in the claims process to assist in the creation of legally sound and efficient claims-handling strategies, thereby saving our clients significant time and money.  Our counseling and risk management services begin before our clients receive notice of a claim or suit.  We assist our clients in analyzing risks and claims to understand the true scope of the potential liabilities.  We help our clients ensure that all of their rights are protected, and that they are aware of their responsibilities under the applicable law.  We create sound and thorough investigative strategies to uncover all elements of an underlying claim.  BatesCarey LLP intervenes on our client's behalf to resolve liability issues, and to take advantage of settlement opportunities that are often uniquely available early in the life of a claim.

Part of risk management also involves maintaining uniformity of legal positions in a wide range of cases across many jurisdictions.  BatesCarey LLP acts as national coordinating counsel for insurance companies to ensure that our clients are taking consistent positions in claims arising throughout the United States.  We have presented claims management workshops on everything from record keeping procedures to drafting reservation of rights letters.  Our broad range of counseling services provides our clients with proactive approaches to reducing their costs.