Millions of people worldwide have had their work lives, personal lives and health unexpectedly turned to chaos by the 2020 coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

As businesses feel the crushing economic and personal weight of the worst pandemic in modern world history, many are looking to their insurers to navigate coverage issues arising from tragic and uncharted claims.  

The BatesCarey COVID-19 Team is at the forefront of helping insurers to investigate, analyze and nationally coordinate their responses to these burgeoning claims.   

For example, our COVID-19 Team is charting the growing number of lawsuits across the country involving first party, third party, D&O, and coverage claims arising from coronavirus, and we are also working directly with our insurance clients to tackle difficult issues such as: 

Please feel welcome to browse the below publications from our COVID-19 Team addressing these issues, as well as other resources we have gathered to better understand and explore these emerging topics.

For questions or assistance in handling COVID-19 insurance claims, please contact BatesCarey partners, David Buishas or Nick Novak, or reach out to the team at



BatesCarey Precedent on COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims by Adam H. Fleischer and David Buishas


Particle Theory of Coverage Flawed for COVID-19 Claims by Adam H. Fleischer


Cases Dismissing COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims by Adam H. Fleischer and Matthew P. Fortin



Recent Rulings Expose Flaws in COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims
by Adam H. Fleischer and Matthew P. Fortin


Breaking News: MDL Panel Hears COVID-19 Arguments
by Adam H. Fleischer


Why COVID-19 Insurance Suits Should Not Be Consolidated
by Adam H. Fleischer


Coronavirus, Courts, and Coverage 
by Adam H. Fleischer and David J. Buishas 


Coronavirus and Business Interruption Claims
by Robert J. Bates, Jr. and Nicholas R. Novak


Civil Authority Coverage: Does it Apply to COVID-19?
by Adam H. Fleischer and Michael H. Passman


Industries in the Cross-Hairs of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic
Jonathan A. Cipriani and Abigail E. Rocap


Is COVID-19 Contamination Considered Pollution Under Liability Policies?
by Elise D. Allen


For the most up to date statistics of the diagnosed COVID-19 cases in various U.S. jurisdictions and abroad, click here.