BatesCarey LLP represents cedents and reinsurers in the United States, Bermuda, Canada, Europe, and Asia.  Our unique mix of creativity and more than a quarter-century of experience produce orthodox and unorthodox strategies with respect to age-old coverage issues as well as matters of first impression.

We attack each case fully and efficiently with the advocacy that the dispute merits—no more than what is required, but no less than the best and most innovative advocacy.  Representative issues regularly litigated by our reinsurance team include:

We delicately balance our client’s litigation interests with their business relationships.  Cedents and reinsurers often find themselves at odds over a claim at the same time that a relationship is being forged on the underwriting side.  BatesCarey LLP leverages its deep industry experience to manage reinsurance disputes while often reaching a beneficial outcome for its clients and its clients’ clients.

We recognize that reinsurance disputes live and breathe in a discrete community of experienced and highly trained professionals.  In many cases, our credibility with the three arbitrators and opposing counsel makes all the difference.  For years, we have played a leading role in arbitrator training workshops and industry conferences, earning the trust and respect of the arbitration community.